The time is 12 AM in the middle of the night. Mother Earth has had her fill from the uncontrolled tears that the sky had shed earlier that day. Thus, the night is pitch dark, very cold and the very ground itself is wet and slippery. The scene is an isolated area in a sleepy university town in Delta State. A lone figure hides amidst the tall shrubs in this remote and isolated street, defying the heavy downpour and the blackness and coldness of the night. A Final Year Student of Sociology is restless in her room, her eyes unable to find sleep because fear has eaten deep into the very fabrics of her soul.
Miles away in another sleepy town not too far from this university town, a terrible nightmare abruptly wakes a woman from her sleep. In a secluded hideout in this same town, three boys have perfected their plans and are now about to embark on a journey, the outcome of which is destined to set in motion chained reactions of proceedings that would lead to events that none of them nor their parents would be able predict…..The stage is set for the drama to unfold……the clock is ticking…. the night is not only cold and black, but pregnant…..Cold Black Night…..
Cold_Black_Night 2