"…giving the story a face…"

AKANBI ALBERT AFESO “….giving the story a face…”

Albert Afeso Akanbi is many things rolled into one. He is a writer, a staff of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), a community worker, columnist, speaker and a meticulous researcher. A native of Ososo, a scenic town of streams and rocks in the undulating Somorika hills in Nigeria, he was born on 31st March 1982 in Igarra but grew up in Lagos, the commercial hub of Lagos.

For him, creative writing is a calling. He holds a B.Sc. in Economics and numerous other certifications in the writing craft. In March 2014 he was named the Author of the Month by the Africa Book Club and in August of the same year, he received the Guardian of the Nation certificate of Achievement. One of his short stories was among the 50 stories selected from 38 writers representing 16 countries that appeared in the African Book Club’s maiden anthology ‘The Bundles of Joy and Other Stories from Africa’. His short stories ‘Urushi’, ‘Ebheshina’, ‘Shadow To Light’ and ‘The Footpath’ have been published in various on-line platforms. ‘That Sunday Afternoon’ won the maiden WordMaster Writers’ Challenge competition in May, 2015. In October of the same year, he became the only writer from Africa among the 20 selected from over 800 extra-ordinary applicants from around the world to attend the October 2015 Sangam House International Writers’ Residency in India.

He is the author of the novels Cold Black Night, November 5, The Edge of Patience and numerous other short stories and articles.

He was at a time the Osun State Coordinator of Society of Young Nigerian Writers and currently a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors. He is a for the Paulash Community Development Initiative (PCDI) a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the welfare of the African child.

He is a father.

Twitter: @a_feso Emails:, BBM: 2BC0C1E Blog: Facebook fan page: AkanbiAlbertAfeso/, Skype: Albert Akanbi, Youtube:afeso82


5 thoughts on “AKANBI ALBERT AFESO “….giving the story a face…”

  1. Alberto, Alfeso, Alkanbio. Only me call you this name in the entire universe. Been looking for you everywhere. Am putting you to a brain test that will take your mind 6 years back. Better still, you can choose the short cut by calling me on 08099451382. Cheers

  2. WowwwwwW Albert you are really talented, your stories are lovely to read and very interesting, happy to be your friend. Keep it up!!!!

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