“…Books, short stories, engaging articles,poems and lot more…”

Albert Afeso Akanbi was born in Nigeria on March 31, 1982, works for the Federal Government at NASRDA and a number of NGOs as a volunteer.

He holds a B.Sc. in Economics from Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria and a Diploma in Persuasive Storytelling and Journalism from the RNTC Media institute in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

One of his short stories was among 50 selected from 38 writers representing 16 countries that appeared in the African Book Club’s maiden anthology ‘The Bundles of Joy and Other Stories from Africa’ published in the United State of America in 2014. As an alumni of the Sangam House International Writers’ residency in India, his creative piece on the subject of dance and the writing craft was among the over 44 works selected from over 40 writers cut across 3 continents that appeared in the Vol 3 of the Sangam House reader, ‘Other Windows’, published in India in early 2017.

His short story ‘That Sunday Afternoon’ won the maiden WordMaster Writers’ Challenge competition in May, 2015.

He writes for Premium Times and a host of other on-line platforms.

He is the author of Cold Black Night, November 5 and Edge of Patience.


6 thoughts on ““…Books, short stories, engaging articles,poems and lot more…”

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  1. Alberto, Alfeso, Alkanbio. Only me call you this name in the entire universe. Been looking for you everywhere. Am putting you to a brain test that will take your mind 6 years back. Better still, you can choose the short cut by calling me on 08099451382. Cheers

  2. WowwwwwW Albert you are really talented, your stories are lovely to read and very interesting, happy to be your friend. Keep it up!!!!

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