Yesterday the 27th of April 2018,  North Korea's strong man and President Trump's 'Rocket Man' met with South Korea's President Moon Jae, and both men had a warm hand shake at the man-made Military Demarcation Line that divides their countries at Panmunjom... Both men sat down to a historic summit after the hand shake, smiles... Continue Reading →



I met an elderly retired military officer from Oturkpo, Benue State earlier in the week. He told me point blank that “we have lost our country”, that the security situation, especially in Benue, his home state, was deeper than communal clashes. Powerful forces with age long agenda, in the guise of communal clashes and acts... Continue Reading →


THE 'SON OF MAN’ I made the point that even though Jesus may not necessarily have been born on December 25, the essence of his birth is worth celebrating still. That said, almost every major religion and human ideology on earth today somehow have their own set of beliefs about him. From the laughable -those... Continue Reading →


CHRISTMAS: A NECESSARY BIRTH. Throughout the world, Bible scholars as well as critics have accepted the realities of Jesus’ birth and death as two uncontested facts about his life. But the same cannot be said about his supposed birthday, a date that almost every scholar has practically discarded. Virtually every Christian today tends to agree... Continue Reading →


  The date was October 9, 2012. It was a day that started like every other day for a young, defiant and courageous Pakistani ninth-grader by the name Malala Yousafzai. Malala had at this time just completed an exam which she wrote in Pakistan’s Swat Valley and was returning home aboard a bus when suddenly... Continue Reading →


The Nigerian situation reveals a very sharp contradiction. We are a people so religious and at the same time so bereft and bankrupt of the spirituality that should ordinarily flow from religiosity. In almost every street today in this country, churches bearing strange names engraved on different shape and sized signboards pock their heads to... Continue Reading →

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