The Holy Bible And The Koran: A Personal Opinion (3)

In Part II, we saw a few of what experts call the most probably sources of Koranic stories about Jesus Christ, and why they insist that the Koran is the least qualified to accuse the Holy Bible of corruption. We also asked a very salient question which the Muslim apologists have failed to proffer a... Continue Reading →


The Holy Bible And The Koran: A Personal Opinion (2)

I was buried in a pile of feedbacks, –emails, comments, text messages and phone calls-some of them disapproval and veiled threats, and others kudos, from friends and readers alike, following the publication of the first part of this article in some online platforms last week. One reader wrote that I confirmed the Bible’s prediction of... Continue Reading →


  The date was October 9, 2012. It was a day that started like every other day for a young, defiant and courageous Pakistani ninth-grader by the name Malala Yousafzai. Malala had at this time just completed an exam which she wrote in Pakistan’s Swat Valley and was returning home aboard a bus when suddenly... Continue Reading →

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