Persecuting the Rohingya: the Case of Minority Groups Everywhere.

Some sad new filtered in from Myanmar on August 25, 2017. Again we saw proof of people’s willingness, both law enforcers and breakers, to sink to the lowest depths in terms of cruelty to fellow human beings. An attack of over 24 security sites by what Myanmar’s government calls a terrorist Rohingya group that killed... Continue Reading →



It is axiomatic today that the most fascinating figure in human history is Jesus Christ. That perhaps explains why every major religion, even those founded before him, account for his existence, draw from his teachings and somehow find a way to include his story in their description of reality. For example, in the Talmud and... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Truth

At the 2015 Sangam House Writers’ residency in India, during one of our routine nightly discussions, the talk veered into the subject of death and funerals. An Indian writer told of how, after an earthquake in Nepal, she witnessed the cremation of a large number of corpses. She said watching charred bodies and cracking bones... Continue Reading →

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